Hotel Carlito

Piano performance of Luis A. Abad on September 16.

“Success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties”. – Hellen Keller

Mr. LUIS A. ABAD, a pianist extraordinaire, was mentored by the late national artist – Lucresia Roces Casilag. He has played for the Manila Symphony (now the Philippine Harmonic Orchestra) at a young age and was our musical child ambassador to Japan during the time of President Marcos. He was a champion of the National Music Competition for Young Artists (NMCYA) and was declared the Grand Champion in an international piano competition held in Japan besting musical delegates from several countries.

Mr. Abad has these achievements despite being totally blind since birth. Let us celebrate his talents by showing our support to a rare piano performance next week at Hotel Carlito Tagaytay.

We invite Tagaytay residents and visitors to catch this remarkable performance on September 16th at the Hotel Carlito lobby. The performance is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and will start at 6 pm.