Hotel Carlito

It's all about you

We've been through places. Now we want to share it with you.

Hotel Carlito Tagaytay was conceptualized and inspired by our own travel experiences. In all places that we've visited we see to it that there's a piece that we can take home. These pieces became the building blocks, cemented by the art and culture of each destination that we visited, our passion to serve you and extend these experiences to you, our guests became the pillars of what came to be Hotel Carlito Tagaytay.

Luxury. Elegance. Affordability.

Our Standard

1. Ambiance
Luxurious. Elegant. European. Savor the aura of Europe not only inside your room but everywhere else from the spacious pathways to the premium lounge spaces.
2. Hospitality
Filipino. None other than the best customer service ambassadors in the world. You will never feel shortchanged of smiles as we got a lot in store for you.
3. Food
Superb taste. Instagram-worthy plating. Affordable price. Experience luxury delivered straight to your taste buds by our experienced five-star chefs.
4. Music
Classical. Mellow. Let our in-house pianist serenade your ears while you chill at our restaurants. Mellow tones are also played all throughout the hotel to add up to that European vibe.